Still more presents to buy?

I love the photos uploaded by loveology. Yes, above is one of them.
My dear friend was asking about this online cosmetic store.
It is called Strawberry. Amazing deals can be found.
They are cheaper than duty frees.

Aren't these real inspirations. Again by loveology. When we see those we want to create stuff.

Today I was a freak after the afternoon :)
Oh well sometimes we all are.
Too much reflection is not good.
That's my mathematical, philosophical, logical obssessive part.

Deep down inside I believe there is a truth and perfection, and I want to reach that perfection in a personal, social, and physical level. Well at least, I am consistent with my research project but I am human (I am not a house :)) Maybe there is no absolute truth, I do not think there is one in the cognitive level. Only in logic and mathematics. My future three year research project is about the perfection of our language and approaching an absolute truth. Oh well, Yoga helps to cope with myself...

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