Picking up Olives

That's my father's hands, picking up olives.
These olives are picked for oil making.
Black olives for breakfast are also picked up from the ground.
Green ones are picked from the the tree

Each two weeks, approximately, we pick the olives.
Then new olives fall.
We have 20 trees in our farm.
Hmm it takes 2-3 hours to finish picking with only my father and me.
It's the most fun when you are crowded.
But my sister was in Barcelona for the last pickings and my mother's neck was hurting.
So it was only my father and me.

Last week was the last picking.
Olive season is over and I am in Istanbul drinking my coffee and watching the Bosphorus.
We will have delicious olive oil.
We give the oils to the factory and factory give you 1/6 percent oil free.
You can pick the oil you like, it does not have to be from your own olives.
We like the oil with a low PH. 3 or sth like that. Taste, smell and get it..Yummyy

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