Cabbage Rolls

I made Cabbage Rolls today. All you need to do is to boil the cabbage, prepare the filling with rice, lots of green stuff, tomato sauce, onion and olive oil then roll them. Cook them with a bit of water, then fry garlics, put a bit of lemonjuice, pour it over when its ready before serving. Mmmhh yummy. And very healty.

I practiced today, but since I did not get up early, with a lot of distructions...

I worked in the garden, picked some pomegranates, carried and chopped some woods. It was a great day actually.

I have finished my readings, now I will study some German.. Oh I do not want to forget my German.

I should start to write regularly to my travel blog too. I do not want to forget any of my trips. I feel at home when I am in the trains, busses and plains. I love travelling.. So I travel.

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