Full Practice

This is my room I have been staying since the beginning of August. I am happy about it since there is enough space to do yoga and there are carpets on the floor which make a pleasent soft ground.

I am completely confused about months, seasons, days. I keep thinking this is still Autumn because of the weather in Cologne. And of course that makes everything complicated. (I was about to write since the beginning of September... I am always in September I guess... my favorite month)

After my German class, I came back to my house and finally did a full Ashtanga Series, that fellt great. Well I omitted the last 4-5 asanas. I got so tired towards the end but could do the complete set of urdhva dhanurasana, 3 times 5 breaths. I was again amazed by myself. Also if you practice in the afternoon, it is ofcourse easier to get into the poses but the purpose is not to get in to the poses easily in Yoga. It is the whole practice, and if you do it in the morning, it really energizes you and makes you feel calm the whole day.

I meant to go to Mediothek, then the Bibliothek, but it's raining cats and dogs. I have no desire to leave my cozy room. But I guess I will still try the Bibliothek in couple of hours I can take a nice nap now. No running today, me go in to jazz bar :)

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